HeziBank is Israel’s leading company in the area of wall tiling, flooring, bathroom furniture and accessories. During the last recent years the company has expanded its activities and offers today numerous design, furniture and tiling solutions for all indoor and outdoor areas, this in order to position itself as the leading company in the domain of designing living spaces, hosting an business environments.

HeziBank, founded in 1967, brings together under the same roof the Europe’s leading design brand names, such as: Dornbarht, Casa Dolce Casa, Antoniolupi, Devon&Devon, THG and more…

HeziBank’s 3,500 square meters central showroom is located in the Design Center in Ramat-Gan and offers an impressive Look & Feel display of the company’s products aiming to demonstrate in the most accurate way how the company’s various products blend into the living environment. The showroom is divided into dozens of rooms which were designed from top to bottom, including wall tiling, mirrors, lighting, textile, and furniture and styling accessories, by HeziBank’s designs, in accordance with all types of styles and budgets.

In addition, there are Shop-in-Shop mono brand concept shops holding exclusivity for well-known brand names, such as Antoniolupi, LAB3 , Devon&Devon, The showroom has several concept areas, each one dedicated to one design mode, such as mosaics or natural materials. HeziBank, for example, offers all required marble solutions for indoor and outdoor purposes The Company imports natural marble from countries, such as: Mexico, Italy and South Africa, offering a wide range marbles, from marble at an affordable price to a more costly “limited edition” marble found in unique geographic areas in the world. The marble is imported directly by the company, thus minimizing the mediation gap. In addition, HeziBank runs a self-owned and innovative plant for cutting and processing marble, for indoor and outdoor tiling and flooring purposes.

HeziBank also offers its customers a wide range of styles and solutions in the department of parquet floors, suitable for all visual concepts and needs and at a wide range of prices. The company offers parquet floors from natural wood, such as Shakopee, Iroko and Dossier, parquet floors combining stone elements and geometric structures and parquet surfaces from Europe, at prices close to those of wood substitutes manufactured in China. At each of our concept area a highly qualified and professional advisor will be happy to assist the customers for any need or request.

HeziBank’s large logistic center and company offices are located in Petah-Tikva. The company employs 120 employees and over the 45 years of its existence has carried out a long list of prestigious private and public projects, in Israel and abroad, such as: the exclusive suites and guestrooms in the Hilton Hotel at Tel Aviv, the Yoo Apartment Buildings, residential projects at Remez st. and at Rotchild 1 st. the Esh Hatora Rabbinic Collage in Jerusalem, the W hotel, and many more…

HeziBank spares no effort in order to ensure a high quality service for its customers. This includes free professional escort for the contractor when installing the products at the site, in order to ensure a pleasant and professional service experience for the end customers; professional translation of instruction films; preparation of detailed guiding kits; assigning individual project managers to each project and more.

Moreover, the company goes to great length to provide its employees with the best working conditions. This ensures low labor turnover and enables Hezi Bank to offer its end customers a caring and professional service given by well- experienced and highly knowledgeable employees, who take care to help the customers select the products that will meet their needs and requirements in the best way possible and for a long period of time.