Inspiration By HeziBank

HeziBank is Israel’s leading home design company. Founded in 1967, the company has established itself as a premium brand, supplying cladding, flooring, furniture & accessories for quality bathrooms around the world. Their high standards and strict attention to detail are some of the outstanding features of the company, enabling inspiration with its unique identity.

Our Private Collection

Attention to small details is a critical part of designing the sanitary accessories that the company offers. Combining precision aesthetics and the highest quality raw materials results in elegant faucets that integrate into every bathroom space, from the innovative and contemporary to the rustic and traditional.



Bath Time

Bathrooms include contemporary updates, rich materials, and an extraordinary level
of finishing of bathtubs, sinks, and complementary elements. Every product is crafted with careful attention to its precise adaptation to the project, to the client’s needs, and to the ambience that they want to create in their bathroom.


An unlimited selection of cabinets for the different areas of the home provides a decorative and functional response all in one. A variety of possibilities, the different materials and finishes, will give you the freedom to realize your exact vision.

It's Show Time

Floor & More

Create an identity and a statement by way of the most unique floor tiles in the world. The durable materials, distinct patterns, and broad range of sizes enable the creation of a memorable and inspiring space.

Granite Porcelain


The rich variety of wall treatments provides the flexibility to match the vision of every designer or architect, from thin and minimalistic stone coverings offering a clean and elegant look to porcelain coverings with a unique pattern, offering a more distinctive look – you’ll be able to design the exact project you planned.

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