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Contractor: U.Dori Group

Entrepreneur: Berggruen Residential

Location:36 Rothschild St. Tel Aviv41 400 979

The Meier-on-Rothschild prestigious residential tower, designed by Pritzker Prize laureate and world renowned designer, Richard Meier, is situated at 36 Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv, in the heart of the boulevard. This is Tel Aviv’s financial, commercial and cultural center and the most attractive address nowdays..

The project is the initiative of Berggruen Residential, jointly owned by international businessman, Nicolas Berggruen, of the international Berggruen Holdings and the Israeli Hagag-Cohen Group. Both companies have wide experience in the Israeli Real Estate market

The Tower

The residential tower soars to a height of 42 stories and features a luxurious lobby, hospitality lounge, wine cellar, spa, semi-Olympic swimming pool, lobby services and 6 levels of subterranean parking and secured storage rooms available to its residents.  The project also features more complex units, such as duplexes and triplexes that include a pool on the tower’s roof.  On each standard floor spans 785 square meters and 50 square meters of  balconies, which can be divided into up to 4 or 5 apartments per floor.

These luxury apartments in Tel Aviv offer a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea to the west, Old Jaffa to the south, the beautiful urban landscape of Rothschild Boulevard to the North-East and a panorama that stretches to the Judean Hills, to the east.