A house is a subjective concept. To the HeziBank family it is crystal clear that a designer or an architect must examine, design and plan a home tailored to each customer’s needs.The projects presented to you demonstrate the way we are concerned with texture and form.The company’s products were selected by each designer according to the needs, taste and desires of each and every customer.HeziBank family believes that there is no limit to taste or preference, that there is no end to the freedom of combinations and mixtures.From our starting point, we have dealt with minimalistic projects in which the customer was attached to a single clean design line, and on the other hand, we had the chance to witness some gloriously eclectic projects.But putting aside the issue of “taste” and regarding performance and finish – HeziBank has committed itself to accompany and guide each and every project and customer, whether professional  or not, up to the laying of the last tile on the floor

" Space and light and order. Those are the things that men need just as much as they bread or place to sleep." ( Le Cotbusier )


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